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braun2I am a PHD-Student in Political Science at Cornell University, Ithaca NY. I combine archival research with statistics to investigate participation in and resistance to political violence. My dissertation project aims to explain local variation in resistance to Genocide. In particular, I look at the collective rescue of Jews in the Low Countries. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Council for European Studies. I am currently also a Saul Kagan fellow for advanced Shoah studies. My project was featured on the Monkey Cage and has been awarded the Sidney Tarrow Paper Award 2014 for best paper in European Politics, the George Kahin Prize 2013 for beginning dissertation work of great promise in the area of international relations and foreign policy studies and the Dirk Berg-Schlosser Award 2011 (3rd place) from the European Consortium for Political Research.

My earlier research projects have been/will be published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Peace Research, Mobilization, European Sociological Review and International Sociology. In addition, they have been awarded with an honorable mention for the Elise Boulding Graduate Paper Competition of the Peace, War and Social Conflict Section of the American Sociological Association 2011 and the Unilever Research Award 2009 for for best Dutch thesis in the social and natural sciences.

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